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Here at JMX Pro, we consider ourselves pioneers in the world of production and filmmaking  – we believe we have the drive and talent to keep up with this ever-changing, multidimensional craft and want to offer our services to people looking for something new, fresh and original. We produce long-lasting, high-quality content that effectively takes our clients’ words and desires and translates them into a visual message to be understood by all. Moreover, our ultimate goal is to tell the untold stories that are woven in the subtext of the social fabric we live in today – as artists, we strive to tell our own story by changing the way in which those stories are told and understood by the world.





At the heart of JMX Productions, we strive to tell the untold stories of the peripheral, yet essential; by composing fictional content with a basis in today’s reality, from the working-class hero to the undiscovered artist, our fundamental duty is to tell the stories that dissect the essence of what it means to be alive today, and in turn, make our audience discover what is at the core of their own humanity. For our clients, this means a diligent and empathetic effort to understand what they truly want to do with their projects.

Using leading-edge technology and workflows, JMX not only explores innovative technical solutions for creative ventures, but also pursues different methods of meaningful storytelling and contemporary content. Our technique aims to create a style that embraces the roots of the millennial subculture with different worldviews, attitudes and modes of expression; at JMX, our aim is to be pioneers in the field of storytelling not just in technical development but also by pushing the envelope in terms of both concept and content.

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