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At JMX, our chief creative ambition is to create passionate stories told through impactful imagery and emotional writing that gets at the heart of who we are. Additionally, our portfolio and services also include documentaries, commercials, publicity and viral marketing campaigns, fiction narratives, trailer, teaser and personal reel editing, coverage of special events, and theatrical productions. Using state-of-the-art technology and a systematic approach, we guarantee a thoughtful, cinematic piece of visual art, whatever your creative needs be.







As a full-service production company, our pre-production team ensures a comprehensive package of services available to you depending on whether you have a fully developed concept or an idea for which you would like creative collaboration. JMX offers services including but not limited to creative advising, casting direction, script assessment and doctoring, budgeting and logistic coordination, location scouting, etc. Additionally, we count with an ample network of actors and models as well as with a diverse selection of equipment fully available for rental arrangements.

At JMX, we are dedicated to making every project we take a complete success. Whether you are looking to take your script to the next level, produce your short film or launch your next music video, we are prepared to tackle any production of whatever dimension with a skilled team of directors, cinematographers, sound and art directors, and a professional crew of gaffers, grips, line producers, and production assistants. Furthermore, we can make transportation arrangements if your project demands different locations within the Tri-State Area.


The post-production team at JMX has a wide range of tools and utilities at its disposal that make for an all-inclusive finishing process for every single one of our projects. Our passionate team of editors, transcribers, color correction and grading professionals work seamlessly on a project, giving it several revisions before reaching a finalized product. Additionally, we also count with an expert set of sound designers who ensure a world-class soundtrack for your moving picture. Lastly, JMX has an array of liaisons of composers and musicians for the scoring of your project.

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