The bedrock of every creative strategy we devise rests on innovation and originality in all stages of production, all while upholding our three  core principles: UNDERSTANDING, TRUTH and INTEGRITY this foundation has led JMX to produce award-winning films, music videos and commercials.


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Miguel Ortiz

Juan L. Espinal





Originally from Dominican Republic, at the age of 18 Juan Luis fell in love with the art form that would ultimately change his life. Using film as the fuel for his life’s engine, he has made it his personal quest to make meaningful content for the general public. At JMX, Juan Luis is founder and one of the Creative Directors who steers the aesthetic vision of the company; for Juan, film is not just a career choice, but also his one and only path to happiness.

From independent and feature films to postproduction and education, the world of film has been the backdrop of Miguel’s life all the way back since his formative days. Emboldened by a dream to be pursued, Miguel left his life in Florida after high school to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. One of JMX’s founders and Creative Director, Miguel is on a never ending search for new ideas, fresh relationships and exciting projects, but above all, experimenting with conventional boundaries to see where and how he can take his craft and that of JMX’s to the next level.

Gerard Giraldo


Driven by an unquenchable thirst to experience everything in life, Gerard’s motivation for his work comes from wanting to share those experiences visually. Born in the US but raised in Colombia, he likes s to experiment and write stories focused on the duality of first and second generation Americans. In 2012, after much uncertainty, he chose a career in the film industry and has not looked back since; at JMX, as Chief Producer, Gerard handles the logistics of our day to day operations, handles and nurtures our relationships

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